GRASSHOLE Best Sprinkler Head Protector

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Protection for
Sprinkler Heads

Protect your sprinkler heads and solar lighting from trimmer & mower damage. Helps prevent grass and weeds from covering and damaging your fixtures!

Discover the

GRASSHOLE Best Sprinkler Head Protector

The GRASSHOLE is a low-cost, patented, long-term solution to sprinkler head damage and alignment problems. Unlike concrete rings, the GRASSHOLE uses advanced flexible ABS plastic that helps inhibit grass growth and sinking. The GRASSHOLE is built super tough, and will protect your sprinkler heads for years without cracking or breaking.

No more digging to straighten the head, and no more service calls to your irrigation service! And it’s made in the USA!

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Elevate your lawn care

With the Patented Grasshole

GRASSHOLE Best Sprinkler Head Protector
Protect your Sprinkler Heads
GRASSHOLE Best Sprinkler Head Protector

Protect your Solar Lighting

GRASSHOLE Best Sprinkler Head Protector

Easy to Locate in Tall Grass

GRASSHOLE Best Sprinkler Head Protector
Easy to Cut
to Any Shape

Real Customer REVIEWS

This product is exactly as described and pictured. It solves a very practical problem of protecting sprinkler heads. The price is right and the delivery was quick.
Philip Tereskiewicz
Great product, quick delivery
Robert Duetsch
Very well made.
Received ahead of the projected delivery date, and was well packaged.
Great transaction these not only work as averertised but they look good also!
D. Nordling
Great product but I unfortunately had trouble getting them in the ground. The ground in my area is dense hard clay and I was afraid I would sever wires on my sprinkler system so I returned them. My system has been in for years and years. Would be great on a newly installed system where the ground is still soft and broken.
Melinda Hollander
The transaction was on time, as ordered and damage free. The product is great. While certainly bright against the grass (my wife's only gripe) it is very sturdy and the small lip surrounding the sprinkler heads certainly seems robust enough to protect them from lawn mowers, cars, etc. I'm also pleased to share that the protectors were VERY easy to remove from the stack in which they are packed
Good stuff!
Brian S.
So far so good. I have only installed a few of them, they work well. Hopefully they will hold up for a few years in the sun.
Great product. Especially the use of small pebbles....Makes it look very professional. Nothing I have tried or could find works like these. Easy install. I have given them a two week test with my lawn guys...they finally see what I am protecting and steer clear. No more broken heads!!!!
Mike M


Quickly Install the GRASSHOLE

GRASSHOLE Best Sprinkler Head Protector
GRASSHOLE Best Sprinkler Head Protector

Just dig around the sprinkler head and remove the excess dirt

GRASSHOLE Best Sprinkler Head Protector

Insert the GRASSHOLE into the ground alongside the sprinkler head

GRASSHOLE Best Sprinkler Head Protector

Make sure the top of the GRASSHOLE is slightly above the sprinkler head


Veteran Owned
& MADE in the USA

GRASSHOLE Best Sprinkler Head Protector
GRASSHOLE Best Sprinkler Head Protector

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Who is Angus?

Angus is One happy Grasshole!

Don’t be an arsehole…install a GRASSHOLE!


The GRASSHOLE Sprinkler Head Protector is a specialized device designed to protect your sprinkler heads from damage caused by lawnmowers, foot traffic, and other potential hazards. It acts as a barrier around the sprinkler head to prevent accidental impacts that could lead to costly repairs.

The GRASSHOLE Sprinkler Head Protector is a durable and lightweight cover that fits over the top of your existing sprinkler heads. It creates a protective barrier that shields the sprinkler head from direct contact with lawnmower blades, pets, and pedestrians, reducing the risk of damage.

The GRASSHOLE Sprinkler Head Protector is designed to be versatile and compatible with most common types of sprinkler heads, including pop-up, rotary, and stationary models. However, it’s recommended to check the product specifications to ensure compatibility with your specific sprinkler system.

Installation is simple and doesn’t require any special tools. You’ll need to remove the sprinkler head from the ground, slide the GRASSHOLE Protector over it, and then reinsert the sprinkler head into the ground. Detailed instructions are provided with the product.

No, the GRASSHOLE Sprinkler Head Protector is designed not to interfere with the normal operation of your sprinkler system. It allows water to flow freely and maintain the efficiency of your irrigation while providing protection to the sprinkler head.

Yes, the GRASSHOLE Sprinkler Head Protector is built to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and sun exposure. It’s made from durable materials that can endure outdoor environments, ensuring long-lasting protection for your sprinkler heads.

Yes, most models of the GRASSHOLE Sprinkler Head Protector are designed with adjustable features that allow you to modify the direction and range of your sprinkler even after installation. This ensures you can maintain effective watering coverage.

While the GRASSHOLE Protector is designed to fit common sprinkler head shapes, it might not be suitable for extremely irregular or elevated heads. It’s recommended to assess the compatibility of your specific sprinkler heads before purchasing.

Yes, you can purchase the GRASSHOLE Sprinkler Head Protector through our official website or authorized retailers. Online purchasing provides convenience and direct access to the product.

The number of protectors you need depends on the number of sprinkler heads in your lawn that you want to protect. Measure the area you need to cover and calculate the required quantity based on your sprinkler layout.


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