Protect your sprinkler heads and solar lighting from trimmer & mower damage! Helps prevent grass and weeds from covering and damaging your fixtures!

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The GRASSHOLE System is a low cost, patent(s) pending, long term solution to sprinkler head damage and alignment problems. Unlike concrete rings the GRASSHOLE System uses advanced flexible ABS plastic that helps inhibit grass growth and sinking. The GRASSHOLE System is super tough and will protect your sprinkler heads for years without cracking or breaking. 

No more digging to straighten the head, no more service calls to your irrigation service! And it’s made in the USA!

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Angus is a Grass Hole.

What’s a “Grass Hole”?

A person who’s obsessive yard care causes feelings of superiority, leading to aggressiveness and irritability.

The Grass Hole, like our buddy Angus, works tirelessly to achieve a perfect, green, debris-free lawn area. Anyone whose yard has a lesser appearance is inferior.

Grass Holes are very territorial and become highly agitated when humans or animals’ trespass in the yard area.

Yards maintained by Grass Holes frequently contain enough chemical residue to kill a small animal on contact.

Angus is having a bad week!


He’s broken yet another sprinkler head, it’s the umpteenth time this year…so frustrating!


And now his riding mower has broken a sprinkler head donut!


He's been shocked multiple times by his solar lighting!

If only Angus knew of a way to protect his lawn, sprinklers, solar-lights, and himself!

With the GRASSHOLE System you never have to worry about breaking or wasting a concrete donut again!

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Fully customizable and ensures that your sprinkler heads and solar lights are protected no matter where they are installed in your yard!

Just dig around the sprinkler head and remove the excess dirt.

Insert the GRASSHOLE into the ground alongside the sprinkler head.

Make sure the top of the GRASSHOLE is slightly above the sprinkler head .

Don’t be an arsehole…install a GRASSHOLE®
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Joe Kaifesh Valparaiso, Indiana

"Ken, love the GRASSHOLE Protectors! Should have installed them years ago. Would have saved me lots of trouble finding repairing sprinkler heads. They were easy to install and look good in the ground. So thanks for putting the GRASSHOLE Sprinkler head protector on the market!"

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J. Newkirk Sarasota, Florida

"GRASSHOLE has saved me THOUSANDS in sprinkler repairs!"

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Ben Tampa, Florida

"We love our GRASSHOLES! So easy to install around our lighting!"