GRASSHOLE Best Sprinkler Head Protector

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A person illustration with grasshole logo in green color

Angus is a Grass Hole.

What’s a “Grass Hole”?

A person who’s obsessive yard care causes feelings of superiority, leading to aggressiveness and irritability.

The Grass Hole, like our buddy Angus, works tirelessly to achieve a perfect, green, debris-free lawn area. Anyone whose yard has a lesser appearance is inferior.

Grass Holes are very territorial and become highly agitated when humans or animals’ trespass in the yard area.

Angus is having a bad week!

A person illustration digging the hole in the grass

He’s broken yet another sprinkler head, it’s the umpteenth time this year…so frustrating!


And now his riding mower has broken a sprinkler head donut!


He's been shocked multiple times by his solar lighting!

If only Angus knew of a way to protect his lawn, sprinklers, solar-lights, and himself!

With the GRASSHOLE System you never have to worry about breaking or wasting a concrete donut again!

Just dig around the sprinkler head and remove the excess dirt.

Insert the GRASSHOLE into the ground alongside the sprinkler head.

Make sure the top of the GRASSHOLE is slightly above the sprinkler head .

Don’t be an arsehole…install a GRASSHOLE®