GRASSHOLE Best Sprinkler Head Protector

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How to replace a sprinkler head and protect it from future damage

STEP 1: Locate the broken or damage sprinkler head

STEP 2: Digging

CAREFULLY remove the grass and dirt around the sprinkler head using a small garden trowel and your hands

Dig a hole 6” depth and about 12” diameter around the sprinkler head “BE CAREFUL” not to puncture the water line. Place the dirt from the hole either on a piece of plywood or a container so it can be easily replaced and avoid dirt getting into the water line.

Inspect for any water line damage caused from digging

STEP 3: Removal of old sprinkler head

FIRST Make sure all dirt and debris is properly cleared away where the sprinkler head attaches to the water line

Carefully unscrew the old sprinkler head from the riser counterclockwise using a good pair of channel lock pliers or pliers

STEP 4: Attached the replacement sprinkler head

Use a seal tape or a templon tape around the threads of the new sprinkler head

Flush out any dirt that may have fallen into the water line

Screw in the new sprinkler head in a clockwise motion, tighten by hand until secured and point in the desire direction

STEP 5: Testing the new sprinkler head

Turn on the system and check for any leak and tighten as needed

STEP 6: Protecting your new sprinkler head

Back fill slightly with dirt then add the GRASSHOLE to further protect your sprinkler head from future damage

Back fill around the GRASSHOLE and make sure the disc is level…the sprinkler head should be 1/8” to 1/4” below the top of the GRASSHOLE

Use small pea stone to fill inside the GRASSHOLE and sprinkler head leaving the sprinkler fully exposed.